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Can the LILATE certify a beginner's skills?

Yes, the Test d'aptitude à travailler dans une langue étrangère - LILATE® (Live Language Test) can certify a student's language skills and level, even if he or she is a beginner, as well as certifying a more advanced student's ability to work in a foreign language. Below are the differences between the two types of certificate.

A candidate can certify a level below B1. Such a candidate will hold a certificate attesting to his or her language skills and level.

For candidates with a B1 to C2 level, LILATE certifies that the candidate is able to work in this language.

The LILATE certificate (regardless of the level attained) comes with a detailed report on each skill (conversation, reading, listening, writing, speaking) as well as the overall level attained.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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