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How can I reschedule my LILATE test appointment?

Once your LILATE test is scheduled, it is not possible to cancel it. However, you can reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before the start of your exam. Simply follow these steps:

- On your dashboard, you will find your appointment. Click on "change date" and you will be able to reschedule your test for a later date and time slot.

- Similarly, you won't be able to change the date if there are less than 24 hours remaining for the initially chosen date and time.

- Make sure to double-check your personal information, as it will be verified by the examiner.

- If your information does not match the verified details, the examiner may cancel the certification appointment.

- Please be very careful!

- You are free to choose your new exam date and time slot.

- Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 30 days from the end date of your training to take the test.

- You will not find any available slots beyond this deadline.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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