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Is Lilate internationally recognized?

The use value of a certification is very closely linked to the benefit of the productive value of each individual on the scale of his company or the one that will employ him tomorrow.

In the French job market, LILATE has enjoyed an excellent reputation since 2017, as it is recognized for its ease of reading and its ability to highlight the professional skills of its holder, which undeniably adds value to the employee on the job market.

Numerous companies have integrated the LILATE into their internal mobility processes, such as Air France and Disneyland Paris.

LILATE is registered in the France Compétences specific directory

The specific directory lists certifications and habilitations corresponding to cross-disciplinary skills practiced in the workplace.

Is LILATE a diploma?

A diploma is issued by the State, as in the case of a BTS or baccalauréat, and is generally acquired during the student's initial training. Professional qualifications, on the other hand, are mainly acquired through continuing adult education.

International ambitions

At present, LILATE certification is available in French and English for international use. In future versions, we plan to be able to generate your certificate in all the languages we assess.

👉 Set of languages we evaluate

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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